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Kestrels in the big city? In fact, the kestrel is now a real cultural follower of humans and is no longer only to be found in church towers in the country. Especially in large metropolitan areas like Berlin with its countless parking areas, the little falcons feel "right at home".

Did you know that kestrels are biologically more related to parrots than to birds of prey? No, then this tour is just right for you. I will give you these and other exciting facts about birds of prey on the tour. And with a bit of luck, we will not only see kestrels, but also common buzzards, crows or skylarks.

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150 Euro


The sequence:

We meet during the day in the middle of Berlin and go in search of kestrels. At the same time, we touch on historic Berlin buildings that have had an exciting history since the beginning of the 20th century. Depending on weather conditions and animal sightings, the hike takes between one and a half and two hours.

During the morning, in the best case scenario, we will not only see kestrels, but with a lot of luck also one or the other common buzzard. Smaller birds such as starlings or hooded crows will also accompany our walk.

We will take a break at a suitable point and you will have enough time to photograph the different animals.

The most important thing first: No resting places, nests and/or burrows of wild animals are revealed. Possible sightings of animals are based solely on experience and behavior of the animals.  An animal sighting cannot be guaranteed.

What should you bring:

  • Clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather and season

  • Snacks & drinks for your catering

  • Fun and enthusiasm for nature

  • If necessary, binoculars and/or camera (preferably with a telephoto lens)

Who is the tour suitable for:

Apart from your enthusiasm for nature, you should be able to walk a few kilometers. The hike takes place on concrete asphalt. Depending on the season, we leave the paths and walk across a large meadow. The tour is also suitable for children and young people. A respectful behavior goes without saying for young and old.

Where does the tour take place:

The tour takes place in the heart of Berlin and can be easily reached by car or public transport. We will arrange the exact meeting point and the start of the walk separately by email after your booking and payment. This primarily serves to protect nature in order to prevent "tourism" to certain places.

Other  wildlife we might encounter:

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