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Individual tour

Pretty much everyone has seen a squirrel at some point. Many of you have probably come across a red fox at some point. But there are certainly animals that you would like to discover but just don't know where and how to find these animals.

The Berlin metropolitan area in particular offers a wide variety of mammals and bird species. In almost every park there are foxes and raccoons in the twilight hours, owls sometimes even live in cemeteries and kingfishers fly along countless rivers. If we leave the capital for neighboring Brandenburg, things get even more "exotic". From ospreys and sea eagles to badgers and red deer, the Berlin area has a lot to offer.

Tau auf Herbstlaub


all year round

Antike Taschen-Uhr


all day



as long as you want

Japanischer Kalender


individual agreement

Echte Münze


from 80 euros per person


The sequence:

We meet at a time of your choice and I'll show you your favorite animals depending on the time of day and season. The tour can take the form of a hike or a professional photo hide. We go into the natural habitat of your animal. At best, with the necessary distance, we will gain a few unique impressions and take one or two photos.

The most important thing first: No resting places, nests and/or burrows of wild animals are revealed. Possible sightings of animals are based solely on experience and behavior of the animals.  An animal sighting cannot be guaranteed.

What should you bring:

  • Clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather and season

  • Snacks & drinks for your catering

  • no harsh perfume or deodorant

  • Fun and enthusiasm for nature

  • If necessary, binoculars and/or camera (preferably with a telephoto lens)

Who is the tour suitable for:

Depending on the effort involved, the tour is suitable for advanced to professional nature lovers and/or photographers. The senses of many animals often exceed those of humans many times over, so some experience in the field of photography or natural history is an advantage

Where does the tour take place:

The tour takes place in the heart of Berlin or in the vicinity of the capital. If a destination cannot be reached by public transport, I will pick you up with my car at an agreed meeting point and we will go out into nature together.

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