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deer and roe deer

"The deer is the man from the deer" is a phrase that parents in zoos and animal parks like to hear. But did you know that deer belong to a completely separate species and therefore cannot mate with deer? Strictly speaking, the famous "film deer" Bambi was not a deer at all, but a so-called white-tailed deer. Not only thanks to the Disney classic, many half-truths are circulating in the realm of deer and deer.

I'll take you on a morning hike full of exciting stories about the deer family. I will explain to you which species are native to us and which were introduced by humans. An exciting search for traces between forests and meadows awaits us.

Tau auf Herbstlaub


all year round

Antike Taschen-Uhr





3 - 4 hours

Japanischer Kalender


individual agreement

Echte Münze


80 euros per person


The sequence:

We meet at sunrise on the outskirts of Berlin and hike through one of the largest contiguous forest sections in the capital. Depending on weather conditions and animal sightings, the hike takes between three and four hours.

In the best case scenario, during the morning we not only see deer and roe deer, but also many other typical forest dwellers (e.g. squirrels, foxes or wild boars).

We will take a break or two at a suitable point, during which I will not only tell you something about the area, but of course something about deer and deer. Depending on the season, a wide variety of bird species await us at the rest area, which you can observe and photograph in peace.

The most important thing first: No resting places, nests and/or burrows of wild animals are revealed. Possible sightings of animals are based solely on experience and behavior of the animals.  An animal sighting cannot be guaranteed.

What should you bring:

  • Clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather and season

  • Snacks & drinks for your catering

  • no harsh perfume or deodorant

  • Fun and enthusiasm for nature

  • If necessary, binoculars and/or camera (preferably with a telephoto lens)

Who is the tour suitable for:

Apart from your enthusiasm for nature, you should be able to walk a few kilometers. The hike takes place in flat forest sections. There are no big mountains in Berlin anyway. The tour is also suitable for young people with some hiking experience. Respectful behavior goes without saying for young and old.

Where does the tour take place:

Under normal circumstances, the hike takes place on the western outskirts of Berlin. You will receive the exact meeting point and thus the start of the hike separately by e-mail after your booking and payment. This primarily serves to protect nature in order to prevent "tourism" to certain places.

Other  wildlife we might encounter:

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